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The Hamilton Depression Scale (abbreviated as HDS, HAMD or HAD) (see the reference below) is a depression test measuring the severity of clinical depression symptoms. Max Hamilton originally published the depression scale in 1960 and reviewed and evaluated it in 1966, 1967, 1969, and 1980.

It can be used for children, teenagers and adults. HDS is a standard measure of depression used in research and for the evaluation of effectiveness of depression therapies and treatments.


For whom is the test designed?

This depression screening test is for professional use only. It is often used to test individuals, who have already been diagnosed as having clinical depression with pronounced depression symptoms.


What precautions should I take?

According to Hamilton, the Hamilton Depression Scale should be administered by a clinician experienced in working with psychiatric patients because of the the difficulty of the interpretation of clinical terms. If you test yourself please read the questions very carefully, read the comments we supplied to make the questions more intelligible.

However, the result is NOT an official diagnosis, it is for orientation only. Please, remember that this test is intended for clinical evaluation.


Can you help me?

We rewrote and commented the original text (1) of Hamilton Depression Scale to help you interpreting the terms and getting more accurate choice, thus more exact score.

This is a depression online test. You should follow these simple instructions:

  • Please read each group of statements very carefully.

  • Just tick the answer, what you think being the most descriptive for your case. Choose only one for each title (there is no chance to select more than one, anyway). If none of them is really adequate, choose the nearest one.

  • After answering all the questions of the online depression test, hit the 'Score Me' button. A new window will open with your score and result.

  • Form Requirements: Javascript must be on for this form to work correctly (in the options or preferences section of your browser).

But don't forget: don't rely on the result obtained. Depression scale is for orientation purposes only.

If you have problems with the Hamilton Depression Scale do not hesitate to contact us.

Hamilton Depression Scale


(Gloomy attitude, pessimism about the future, feeling of sadness, tendency to weep, low morale, misery, discouragement, hopelessness, emptiness, unhappiness, distress, pessimism)

None of the above
Some of the above feelings are present but I express them only when I'm asked
Most of the above feelings are present and I express them without asking
Feelings are strong, everything is on my face I cry very frequently
I'm lost in these feelings all the time


I'm not guilty
I have got self-reproach and feelings of letting people down
I'm guilty
I'm guilty and my illness and depression are the punishments for my past deeds
I'm so guilty. I hear threatening and accusatory voices, etc.


I never think about suicide
I feel life is not worth living
I wish I were dead
I used to think about suicide, maybe I'll try it...
I've already attempted to commit suicide


I have no difficulty falling asleep
Sometimes it is not easy falling asleep (takes more than half an hour)
I have difficulty falling asleep every night


I sleep well
I'm restless and disturbed during the night
I wake up in the middle of the night


I sleep well
I frequently wake up early morning but usually go back to sleep
I wake up early and I'm unable to get back to sleep; get up early in the morning


I have no difficulty
I think and feel that I'm not capable of working, and I get tired soon
I've lost interest in my previous activities and hobbies; I'm listless and feel like it takes a huge effort to work or perform activities
The actual time, I spent working or in activities, and also my productivity decreased significantly
I'm no longer capable of working or social activities

(slowness of thought or speech, impaired concentration, decreased motor activity)

My speech and thoughts are normal
There is a slight retardation in both of them
There is a pronounced retardation in both of them
I have severe difficulties in my speech, I can't concentrate
If you can read this text than do not tick this button

(a stirring up or arousing; disturbance of tranquility; disturbance of mind which shows itself by physical excitement)

I'm not agitated
I used to fidget
I used to play with my hands, hair, etc
I always move about, I can't sit still
I wring my hands or bite my nail or pull my hair or bite my lips, I'm on the run
(subjective tension and irritability, loss of concentration, worrying about minor matters, apprehension, fears expressed without questioning, feelings of panic, feeling jumpy)
Nothing special
I have a tension and I'm irritable
I'm worrying about minor issues
I'm anxious and fearful, I think something bad will happen
I'm in terror

(gastrointestinal: dry mouth, wind, indigestion, diarrhea, cramps, belching; cardiovascular: palpations, headaches; respiratory: hyperventilation, sighing; frequent urination; sweating; giddiness, blurred vision; tinnitus; muscle pain)

Nothing special
Some of the above are present but they are mild
Some of the above are present and they are moderate
Most of the above symptoms are present and they are severe
Most of the above symptoms are present and I'm totally blocked by them


I've lost my appetite but I eat anyway
I've difficulty eating without urging from others, I need laxatives or medication for my GI symptoms


I have some heaviness in my limbs, back or head; backaches, headaches, muscle aches, loss of energy, tiredness
I have clear-cut (pronounced and strong) symptoms

(loss of libido, impaired sexual performance, menstrual disturbances)

I have some problems with the above
I have severe symptoms

(Abnormal anxiety about your health; an unwanted fear that you have a serious illness)

Nothing special
I spend a considerable time with my physical symptoms
I'm frequently worrying about my health
I'm convinced that I've got a serious illness
I'm very sick, I'm absolutely convinced that I've got some lethal illnesses


Probably my weight has decreased
Definite weight loss


I'm not depressed (I ticked almost the first button) OR I know that I'm depressed and I have a lot of symptoms
Yes, I'm depressed but it is caused by bad food, overwork, climate, etc
I swear, I'm not ill


Please check your answers in Hamilton Depression Scale before you hit the button.

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Hamilton, M (1980) Rating depressive patients. Journal of Clinical Psychiatry. 41: 21-24


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