Beck Depression Inventory

Beck Depression test

Beck Depression Inventory (often abbreviated as BDI) is a clinical depression test. It measures the severity and depth of depression symptoms as listed in the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders Fourth Edition (DSM-IV; 1994) in patients with clinical depression. Beck Depression Inventory II (abbreviated as BDI-II) is a revised version, containing some new items, which bring the BDI–II into alignment with DSM–IV criteria.

Beck's Depression Inventory (sometimes referred as Beck Depression Scale) can be used for both adults and adolescents 13 years of age and older. Beck Depression Test is a standard measure of depression used mainly in research and for the evaluation of effectiveness of depression therapies and treatments.

It is not meant to serve as an instrument of diagnosis, but rather to identify the presence and severity of symptoms consistent with the criteria of the DSM-IV.

Questions of the BDI II assess the typical symptoms of depression.

For whom is the Beck Depression test designed?

Beck Depression Inventory II was originally developed to detect and monitor changes in depressive symptoms in mental health care setting.

This depression test is not for you it is created for clinical use.


What precautions should I take?

First of all, BDI-II is not a free tool. You should purchase it.

Beck Inventory should be administered by a clinician experienced in working with psychiatric patients because of the the difficulty of the interpretation of clinical terms. It is not an online self test.



Each of the inventory items corresponds to a specific category of depressive symptom and/or attitude according to DSM-IV. The statements are rank ordered and weighted. Beck (the creator of the depression inventory) admits that there is no arbitrary cutoff score and the specific cutoff depends on the characteristics of the patients used and the purpose for which the inventory is given.



Harcourt Assessment, Inc. administers the rights for the Beck scales under contract from Dr. Beck. This tool can be purchased from them.

You may try instead of the pricey Beck Depression Inventory our free Hamilton Depression Scale.


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