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What is Real Depression Help?

depression help

If you suffer, if you are depressed you desire real depression help. I guess, you've read tons of information about depression, but you are still confused. You still suffer. You haven't found a quick depression help. You think life sucks.

It's not easy to find out the most important signs of depression and what should your treatments for depression be. Here you find real depression help.


If you think that you are merely flesh, without soul or spirit, then Real Depression Help is not for you!

If you are willing to take pills only then Real Depression Help is not for you!

If you believe that you CAN'T do anything, and others SHOULD heal you, then Real Depression Help is not for you!

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As a psychotherapist and medical doctor we have met hundreds of depressed clients. They taught us the essence and signs of depression. During the years of therapy, we could develop a fresh new view of depression based on the real nature of soul and spirit.

We've learned that depression affects your whole existence.

We've learned that depression is a kind of paralysis of your will, a disturbance of your feelings and a restriction or freezing of your thinking.

We've learned that depression is a chance of learning. Depression is a chance to change.

We are convinced that your life is your chance.

We've discovered very effective old and new depression treatments.

And now we want to share our experience and knowledge with you.

We'll help you to develop a fresh new view of depression, which will guide you in your treatments for depression.

You will learn in Real Depression Help:
  • What is depression and what is NOT depression;
  • What are the real causes of depression;
  • What happens in your soul, what is the reason of depression;
  • What are the signs of depression in different ages or gender;
  • What is the best depression test for you and how to use it;
  • How will you be able dealing with depression;
  • How to change your life to overcome depression;
  • What are the natural cures for depression;
  • What can you eat and drink, what is an effective depression diet;
  • What can you do for yourself (depression self help).


You won't learn in Real Depression Help:
  • How to miss your chance to change your life;
  • The clinical and medicinal treatment of depression;
  • What pills will help you;
  • Special medical language
  • Tricks NOT to deal with your illness.


Maybe you have a loads of questions about your strange feelings, about your fears.

And you want to get clear and lucid answers, not the abstract terms of the medical and psychological language. You want to get real depression help.

I am so lonely...Erika (blog post)





Yes, you are so lonely. Loneliness is the most significant sign of depression. But it is not according to the law of the Universe. You should change it and you'll get a solid depression help to change. You may share your experiences and you may take part in other's life. You are not alone anymore.

When we treat man as he is, we make him worse than he is; when we treat him as if he already were what he potentially could be, we make him what he should be. W. Goethe





You are standing in front of your new life. The real human existence is waiting for you.

Be ready to experience the greatest adventure of your life.


Table of Contents


What is Depression?

What is depression? What is clinical depression, psychotic depression, bipolar disorder, major depression, mood disorder, etc... What can we do with these strange expressions? What is a real definition of depression? How can we catch depression?

Which online Depression test is for Me?

To help you in the exploration of your mental and emotional state we listed and grouped some depression tests, you may use. All depression tests, listed, are online depression tests. You'll have the scoring and evaluation after completing the list. You should not send the questionnaire and wait for the evaluation. All tests are free.

Mental Health Test

Mental Health Test is designed to evaluate your mental well being. Take this free online mental health quiz to see you current state.

Hamilton Depression Scale

The Hamilton Depression Scale (abbreviated as HDS, HAMD or HAD) is a depression test measuring the severity of depression. It is often used to test individuals, who have already been diagnosed as having clinical depression.

Depression Test for Children and Teenagers

Depression Test for Children and Teenagers is a 20-item self-report depression test measuring the severity of teenager depression and child depression. Parents may use it to check their children's depression as well. Teenagers can use it as a depression self test.

Geriatric Depression Scale

The Geriatric Depression Scale (abbreviated as GDS ) was developed as a basic depression screening measure in older adults.

Christmas Depression

Christmas time is the most likely time of the year to experience depression. I would like to tell you that Christmas is your greatest chance; Christmas is the real remedy for depression.

Childhood Depression

Childhood depression, depression and children or child depression sounds very strange. It is difficult to pin down why children become depressed and often it is rather a combination of factors.

Teenage Depression

Almost without exception teenagers go through periods of being moody and antisocial. It can be difficult to spot the difference between what is normal and what is teenage depression.

Elderly Depression

Elderly Depression isn't inevitable as we age, but the problems we may have to face as we get older, such as divorce, bereavement and ill health, can predispose to it.

Depression in Women

Clinical depression (especially major depression and dysthymia) affect twice as many women as men. In fact, more than 6 million women experience depression each year in the USA.

Depression in Men

Men are killing themselves in alarming number

Teen Suicide

What happens after a teen suicide? You will not get rid of pain and suffering even if you are dead.

Natural Cures for Depression

There are so many different natural cures for depression, you would not even dream about it. It is of great importance what you eat or drink, what you put into your body so proper diet is the most important alternative treatment for depression.

Treatments for Depression

What can you do with depression? What are the the effective, perhaps the most effective, treatments for depression?

Symptoms of Depression

We will discuss the symptoms of depression in a short, clear and comprehensible way. KISS -- keep it short and simple (paraphrasing keep it stupid simple).

Depression Symptoms

Depression, as a diagnostic and clinically meaningful term, has only a relatively short history. Depression, a psychological term, includes reactive depression (response to a major life stressor or crisis) and clinical depression.

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